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Internet gospel

Modern society is a high-tech society. The Internet has already covered the whole world and all spheres of life. This opportunity can be used for ministry and evangelism. Through Instagram, you can get acquainted and tell about the mission to those who are not yet familiar with us.

To represent IMOCE on Instagram, a working group was created, which is actively working to develop the mission online. The competence of this team includes creating content for the page, communicating with subscribers through private messages, conducting interesting raffles and challenges. Statistics show that 98% of the audience are non-believers in the 9-16 age range. The age group is young, therefore the team is more youthful and creative, which works with this age in mind.

The main goal of @imocehappytime is to serve people online. After all, the IMOCE motto is “We love God, we serve people!” and this is accurately reflected from the practical side of the life of the mission.

“You are the light of the world. A city situated on a hill cannot be hidden.” Matthew 5:14

From these words, one can understand that they are looking at us, and it is simply impossible to hide. Therefore, it is important to correctly illuminate and correctly represent the Kingdom of God in our life, which partly falls on social networks.

Ukraine - @imocehappytime
Africa - @imoce_africa
Cuba - @cubaimoce