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Children's Happiness Project

There is one poem “What is happiness? Perhaps, more than one philosopher has asked such a simple question. But in fact, happiness is simple, it is read from half a meter of growth. Happiness is when children are in families, when children given by God are healthy, laugh, play, play naughty, this is happiness for parents. And for children, it is happy when there are mom and dad when you can fall asleep in the strong arms of the father when mom wakes up with a smile in the morning.


But we always had a question, what kind of childish happiness do the children who are left in orphanages have? What childish happiness is it when a child is confined to a wheelchair since childhood or does not get out of bed at all? And God sent us for an answer to orphanages and boarding schools for special children, this is how the Children’s Happiness project was born. Indeed, for orphans with such disappointing diagnoses as cerebral palsy, mental retardation, psycho-neurological diseases, Down syndrome, autism, etc. Childhood happiness lies in one thing – acceptance. Accept them as they are, love, hug. After all, they are in the shell of their body, which they cannot control. These children are always waiting for our arrival, hugging us, children who can talk, I talk about their experiences, and those who cannot speak just hold our hand. For them, happiness when guests come, happiness when they just stroke the head. Many of these children were abandoned by their parents at birth, they do not need such children, but God needs them!

 “Can a woman forget her nursing child, that she should have no compassion on the son of her womb?  Even these may forget, yet I will not forget you Isaiah 49:15 “

And God does not forget, He shows His love through our hands, He shows His love through volunteers, through finances, through our prayers. One girl from a neuropsychiatric boarding school, during the Christmas program, drove up in a wheelchair close to one of our volunteers, and buried her head, said: “Why is it so good with you?” We hugged her, and she threw her arms around our necks, whispered to us: “Do not forget us, please.” After visiting we always leave in tears, but with hope in our hearts that on this day God touched with His love.

At the moment, we have tried to cover orphanages and boarding schools for special children in the Odessa and Kirovograd regions, there are more than 1000 children, we bring joy in the form of the Children’s Playground “Happy Time”, conducting a program for Christmas and Easter and simply supporting the boarding schools with humanitarian help, orphanages, and dispensaries, but this is only a small part. We are constantly looking for volunteers, finances, prayer support for this ministry. For ourselves, we answered the question of what is children’s happiness – this is love!