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Greetings from sunny Kenya, from the Assistance Mission in Kisumu.
My name is Natasha and I am very excited to share with you the events that have been happening over the past two weeks.
As usual, every Saturday I meet with the team that works with the Pritins. Sometimes we decide to meet at someone’s home. As you can see, it’s just a metal room. But we had a great time, talking about the camp and our ministries.
I almost always prepare presentations for teen ministries.
We always try to feed the princes. This time we served juice and African mandazi donuts.
We don’t want to waste a minute, so for 30 minutes while the kids are eating, we try to communicate with them.
Soon there are important exams in the transition classes, so we decided to bless them with a prayer.
We also showed a skit about how the Holy Spirit called the apostles to different cities.
And of course, spiritual food for the pritins is a priority for us. I had the opportunity to speak to the pritins on the topic “The Bible is our navigator.”

During the week, we also prepared for “Happy time” for special children. We bought gifts for them.
We did a Bible lesson for them with visuals.
I am also very grateful that every time we have “Happy time” we can bring sweet gifts to the children.
They eat sweets only when we come. By the way, here is the content.
We also just spent time with them. We hugged and talked a lot.
This boy is almost 6 years old. He is completely paralyzed. But he loves attention so much 🥹🥹.
Thank you for this opportunity to talk about the love of Jesus and give children joy through “Happy time”
We were also able to bring diapers, powder, corn and wheat flour, oil and rice for the orphanage. We are very grateful to IMOCE for this opportunity.