Christ is Born! ❗️Let’s glorify Him! ❗️

In this challenging time we live in, it’s so crucial to hear: Emmanuel – God is with us ❗️
He is with us in times of darkness when the values of this world are shattered ❗️
He is with us during explosions and alarms ❗️
His promise is the rock on which we stand this Christmas ❗️
A rock unyielding and eternal ❗️
We pray and believe that the Star of Hope that shone in Bethlehem touches many hearts with its rays. Through our joint ministry, providing bread during the war, because along with physical bread, people receive spiritual nourishment ❗️
Victory is with the one born Jesus, for it cannot be otherwise. In this is the certainty and comfort of Christmas ❗️
May the Lord abundantly bless you, friends from the IMOCE mission, Brother Anatoliy, and the entire team ❗️ In Donetsk, Chernihiv, Kherson, Kharkiv, Sumy regions, on this Sunday, bread went to the cities and villages of these regions.
Thank you to the IMOCE mission, Anatoliy, and the entire team 🙏 We continue to bring two loaves, spiritual and physical, for the people suffering from the war and its consequences 🙏