Another month has passed into eternity. Despite the shelling, alarms, strikes, and power outages, we are alive and continue working for the glory of God, baking bread and bringing people the Word of God along with the bread.
The end of the month always brings a lot of hassle and expenses, but every time at the end of the month, my heart overflows with gratitude to God for His great mercy and love for Ukraine, which we feel through you, friends – the IMOCE mission, Anatoliy, and everyone involved in the round-the-clock baking of “Victory” bread.
The Word of God is being sown despite pain and tears.
People are in great need of God, and by bringing them physical bread, our friends, brothers and sisters, chaplains, and volunteers speak to them about Our Lord, give them Bibles, support them, talk with them, and pray. Bringing people the Word of God along with the bread is our main goal. Thank you for doing this together with us and for supporting us.
May God reward you a hundredfold 🙏
We embrace you with prayers 🙏