Christ is risen!
Ukraine will rise again!
The joyful news spreads through Ukrainian villages and cities along with numerous concerns.
Just like before, the enemy tries to diminish the joy of the Resurrection by threatening with shahids, calibers, and onyxes.
But we are confident that evil will be destroyed because Christ is risen!
This joyous event revives anew every spring and gives strength and inspiration to serve Him, especially in these difficult times for Ukraine.
Happy Easter to you, friends, from Anatoliy, Mission “IMOCE,” and all those who sacrifice to serve in Ukraine!
We serve together to the Risen Jesus and to the people who suffer from the war and its consequences. 🙏 This week, we continued baking bread in full swing and also baked Easter panettone for the services that volunteers, chaplains, pastors conduct these days.
God does a lot through the ministry of bread in Ukraine because people come to receive physical bread, and the Word of God is sown. And His Word does not leave people indifferent.
Unfortunately, the situation in Ukraine is very difficult right now, so spiritual support is very important.
Thank you for your ministry.
May God repay each one a hundredfold. 🙏