It’s time for news about the activities at Victoria School in Kenya. We often write about the school setup and the students, but this time we want to showcase a part of the learning process. These children speak the Turkana language from childhood, and at school, they learn Swahili and English. Learning to read in a foreign language is an extraordinary achievement for these children. In a year and a half of schooling, they have learned the alphabet, read words and sentences, and also count and solve math problems.
These may seem like ordinary skills that we acquire from childhood, but these children do not receive help at home; their parents are unable to assist with homework. Despite this, the children strive and achieve incredible results. We thank everyone who provides these children with the opportunity to receive an education.
Your support is incredibly important because you directly influence the future of an entire generation in a region located 300 km in the middle of the Turkana desert.

May our Generous and Just Lord, who sees what is done in secret, reward you openly.