It’s time for another update from the “Victoria” school in the Kenyan desert of Turkana. The school continues to operate, with children learning to count, write, and read in three languages:
1. Turkana;
2. Swahili (the national language of Kenya);
3. English (the second official language).

In our previous report, we mentioned that the construction of classrooms was beginning. At that time, the delivery of construction materials had started. Now, we are pleased to inform you that the foundation for the classrooms has been laid, and the construction of a brick building, which will house three classrooms, is starting.

We would also like to share the story of one of our students:

His name is Akumon Peterson.

He was born into a family where the parents earn a living by weaving baskets and “mattresses” on which those who cannot afford a real mattress sleep. One such “mattress” costs less than $1. When he first came to the school, he couldn’t express his thoughts, but now he communicates well with his peers, thanks to the friendly atmosphere at the school. His parents hope that he will study well and become a doctor.

Thank you for supporting the school’s work and giving these children the opportunity to receive an education 🕊️.

You are giving them a future that their parents could not even dream of 🙏

May the Lord richly bless you 🕊️