Ukraine in touch! And we want to talk about the mercy of Christ, thank you for your contribution to the cause of God!

Now the Feed the Hungry project is ongoing in the Odessa region, where our Baltic team works, and we would like to tell you a little about it.

In Ukraine, food prices have now been raised again, while salaries and benefits, especially for the disabled, have remained at the same level as they were. Therefore, for many families – disabled people, large families, such food packages as salvation. This is Alena. When she was 25 years old, one ordinary morning she went to the toilet and the boiler broke on her. Since then, she has been in a wheelchair. After that, she got married and gave birth to a beautiful girl, but her husband turned out to be a drug addict and they divorced. Now she is raising a baby alone, because of her disability she cannot find a job and survives only on welfare.

Vera Tikhonova is a disabled person of 1 degree, a malignant tumor has formed on her knee joint, the doctors had to remove the tumor along with her leg, she lives only on a small allowance.

This is a family, at the time of the visit their mother was in serious condition (cirrhosis of the liver). It is very scary to watch when a person lies in front of you who has only a few days or even minutes left to live. We prayed the prayer of repentance was perfect, then only God can determine the further stay of this soul. And yesterday we were told that this is a woman, the mother of these children died …… the only good thing is that they performed a prayer of repentance with her and her soul was saved.

Thank you, precious ones, for being with us, we can’t show you all the pictures because it will be a huge overload in this group, but God sees how many people your finances have helped!!!!! May the Lord bless each of you!

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