Greetings, friends, Ukraine on the line!
Thank you all for your sacrifice, for your open hearts, thanks to you we can do our work in Ukraine, today I want to tell you about the work of the IMOCE mission branch in the Odesa region, Balta.

While it is warm and the sun is shining in Ukraine, the team continues to conduct a children’s program Happy Time in the region, where children learn about Christ through games and singing.

These projects bring together 100 to 500 children and their parents.

We continue to work with people in difficult life circumstances: we distribute clothes, diapers, food, for which we are sincerely grateful to you, friends!
If it were not for you and your work, these people would not be able to receive help!

We are actively working in children’s Christian clubs, where both children and teenagers come.
Each meeting is filled with an atmosphere of kindness and love, children learn the truth and develop their creativity through crafts.

Many people need help, especially the disabled and the elderly, who are left alone and live on a meager pension, which sometimes is not even enough for bread.

Dear friends, we are very grateful to you, we appreciate your help, the work of Anatoly Kolomiets, we appreciate your support!
We pray for you and bless you!