Dear friends, colleagues and partners. You are greeted by the “Hope” children’s center for orphans, IDPs, and children in difficult life circumstances. We see many ministers doing this work, which is extremely necessary for Jesus, especially now in this time in Ukraine, trying to help, support, rehabilitate the children who remained in Ukraine, and their number has become much smaller. How many have been killed, how many have left and it is not known whether they will return, the birth rate is very low, so every Ukrainian child is very valuable.
every Ukrainian child is very valuable.
Classes with educators and a psychologist, physical activity, an emphasis on positive emotions, engagement in useful work, and – without fail! These are the elements of the rehabilitation process at the “Nadiya” Children’s Center for IDP children, orphans deprived of parental care and those in difficult life circumstances. By helping children now, we are changing their future for the better. Thank you for supporting our ministry!
That is why we are sincerely grateful to our sponsors and partners who help us not only to survive, but also to prepare a decent future for Ukraine.