Hello, friends, news from Ukraine.

We want to thank each of you for your support and assistance! We continue to work towards helping displaced persons at our volunteer center.

Our center is located at the church, where people receive not only material goods but also spiritual and psychological support. We pay special attention to families with children, who are the most socially vulnerable.

We are very grateful to our German partners, who donated scooters and bicycles for each family. There was so much joy in the children’s eyes!

We continue the “Box of Hope” project for families of fallen heroes. Together with the city council, we visit these families, talk about Christ, and offer comfort.

We hear many stories and see tears and pain. There’s this woman who lost her husband in the Avdiivka war, leaving behind four children, one of whom has autism. The news of their father’s death hit the children very hard. The autistic boy still asks when his dad will come and give him a toy car.

Another woman cried when we said that we honor her husband for his bravery, for defending the land. She thanked us, saying she never thought that strangers would pay respect to her fallen husband.

Then there’s a very young woman who recently got married and wanted marital happiness, but the war took her beloved. She thanked us for not forgetting about people who gave their lives.

We continue to serve teenagers at the Happy Time children’s and youth club. Children come to us three times a week, where we teach them to play musical instruments, conduct training sessions on social and spiritual adaptation, and develop them in the art workshop, where they get to know the Lord.

Ninety percent of the children who come to us are from non-believing families, so our social work is aimed at preaching the Gospel to children and teenagers.

Thanks to you and the humanitarian department, we can assist churches and other charitable organizations that work with people in need.

We thank everyone who helps! Together with you, we can do great work! Thank you, may the Lord abundantly bless you!