Hello, friends! Greetings from Ukraine. We are going through tough times—war, pain, our brothers and sisters suffering and dying. But we hold on and move forward, thanking you for your support. We want to share with you what happened this week.

The “Bread of Victory” project is reaching people. In various parts of Ukraine, people are receiving bread for free, along with the Word of God. Here is what the project leader, Lyubov Dubova, wrote:

On the last day of the month, in winter… Looking back, we see many difficult days for Ukrainians, but among them, there is a lot of protection and mercy from the Lord, which we receive through His children .

Thank you, dear friends, Brother Anatoliy, IMOCE mission, everyone who prays for Ukraine and shows love in action. Tens of thousands of bread loaves have been made and delivered to people this month. It’s a modern miracle because flour, oil, and yeast miraculously do not run out, thanks to you .

What especially warms my heart is that most people received two loaves of bread—spiritual and physical. A great sowing is happening in Ukraine, in the hearts of the people.

We pray and believe that God touches and saves people through the ministry of bread during the war. We don’t know what the next spring day will bring, but we believe that our Lord is already there and will lead us through all difficulties and trials.

Thank God for you, for allowing us to serve together . This bread is distributed in various regions: Kherson, Donetsk, Chernihiv, Kharkiv, Kirovohrad, Zaporizhzhia oblasts. Every day, 2000 loaves of bread are baked. Anatoliy Petrovych also visited people in shelters and children’s homes, bringing bread, assistance, and, most importantly, preaching the Word.

We are very grateful to everyone who helps and supports the Bread of Victory project. Through you, God touches the hearts of people.