In Severodonetsk, it’s already a grey zone, the city is located 15 km (9 miles) from the front line. But people still live there…

They live in basements, almost all houses are destroyed. Volunteers bring them bread and supplies, but recently a shell hit a car with bread, and they’ve been without bread for a week. It’s uncertain if someone will bring them bread. We were able to distribute supplies and bread to them – “Bread of Victory.”

People cried and kissed the bread, and around them, shells were exploding. We prayed and cried together with the people. The military constantly urged us to do it faster, to watch the sky, as enemy drones and shells could hit these buildings at any time. When we returned from Slavyansk, there was a strong shelling, but thanks to God, we are all alive.

Thank you to everyone with open hands and hearts to help. Together, we can do great ministry! Praise God, we could serve in Slavyansk, encourage people, and share the word. Pray for those who want to reconcile their lives with God; people understand that tomorrow may not come.