Hello everyone.
My name is Baraka and together with my wife we are pastors of church in Kisumu Kenya.
We are grateful to IMOCE and partners for standing with us in support of this church’s construction and establishment.
The church serves about 800 individuals every week. Most of our people are from the slum community surrounding the church and most of them also live in poverty.
Church has been a light to the community as we are able to preach the gospel to those who we come in contact with. Our kids church serves about 400 kids, Pre teens ministry about 200 kids, teens ministry about 80 young people and the youth ministry serves about 120 young adults. The church also serves about 250 adults including the grandmothers and grandfathers.
I am happy to share with you what we have been undertaking in the last couple of weeks.

I would like to mention that we are happy that the flood waters have significantly receded. People are slowly starting to move back to the community following prolonged floods. Thank you for your prayers and support. 

The kids church, pre teens ministry and teens ministry has been a big blessing to the kids around us. These ministries are becoming avenues where kids are taught about Christ and how to pray and also the message of salvation. As much as they have fun and play ; there is always time for worship and prayer too. We have had wonderful testimonies from parents who now fellowship with us as a result of their kids inviting them to church and also as a result of the teachings and training in Christ that the kids go through during these ministries.

Our church Tae kwon do club has also been an avenue of evangelizing Christ to the youth of the community who are now becoming busy from crime and other wasteful things. Through this sport we have been able to keep the boys and girls busy even after regular school times and also use this platform to preach to them Jesus and to mentor them. And hallelujah; God has been moving.

We are grateful to all those who support our feeding program. We are able to feed about 120 people every day with a hot meal courtesy of your partnership. We are able to serve the most needy families including abandoned grandparents and orphans in this way and through this we believe that these families will not go hungry. We have testimonies and responses of thank you from the people we serve in this. It touches us a lot since through this program we have also been able to evangelize Christ to them. May God bless you.

This week I had a mentorship talk with a few young men from our church. One of them is a student who just graduated from our project year for God. Our conversation was based on Christian life, education and future plans. It was a time to know their heart and plans too so we can find even more ways of helping them become strong in faith and useful in the community. One such young man who is a partial orphan and lives away from the mother; grew up under the grandmother hopes to be an electrician and join a college too even though he lacks the ability to at the moment. He also serves in a couple of ministries in church. Great times undertaking pastoral care and guidance too.

I also paid a visit to a few of our congregants to know how they live and where they stay; and to also pray with them and bless them. One such member is a single mother of three kids who lives in a one room small house and who the husband abandoned three years ago and now she has to fend for her kids by selling small fish or doing laundry for neighbors. Their stories are quite sad nonetheless we speak Jesus in their situations always.
We bless them and pray with them too.

Once again thank you IMOCE, Anatoly and everyone who stands with us and supports our church, programs and ministries different ways. I am grateful for your financial support and for your prayers too. May God bless you.