Dear brothers and sisters! Greetings to you from Kenya and from me! We are happy to serve together with you at the equator!

My name is Vlada Sidorchuk. In 10 years of missionary life, I have been in various roles and ministries. For the past 8 years, I have been helping the church care for our neighbors in the most literal sense!

In the slums, it’s easy to do: there’s always someone nearby who is hungry, sick, or has nowhere to sleep and nothing to wear. Spiritual and physical poverty is all around. So one day we began to combine our efforts with those who are at home but dream of helping from a distance. That’s how our projects started: the Child Sponsorship project, which helps children from the slums go to school. The Feeding Project, which feeds over 100 people daily. The Bed Project, which provides the first sleeping set in their lives: a mattress, pillow, blanket, mosquito net, and a bed designed for two people, but not in Kenya! Here, six people might sleep on one bed! And the Help Project, which always extends a helping hand in various life situations – with medicines, education, treatment, advice, food, essential items, and other basic needs.

I am even happier when I realize that I am not alone here! Thank God He sends us help in this ministry! We have a wonderful team of local young and dedicated people, and recently Inna joined us as well 🫶

We invest and pour out what we receive from the Lord! I dream of seeing Jesus the Lord glorified through good deeds! I dream of helping those whom He would help, just as He did and does! Thank you, dear ones, for sharing this ministry with us and supporting my stay here on the mission! It is valuable! Not everyone can see how you serve with finances, but may the Lord multiply what you have sown and return it a hundredfold!

My prayer needs: physical health. My allergy has worsened significantly. I cannot identify the allergen. I know it is in the house we live in. I have a little girl whom I am still breastfeeding, so I cannot take much medication. I believe in complete healing 🙏

Respectfully, Vlada Sidorchuk