Greetings from us. My name is Baraka and together with my wife we serve as pastors at New Life church in Kapuothe in Kisumu Kenya. We are blessed and grateful to be partners with you and are thankful to IMOCE for helping us establish and build a church which serves almost 800 people every week as we spread the Gospel of Jesus into the slum community around us.
Over the couple of weeks ago I have also been able to pick up few more responsibilities at our mission base that involves helping out missionaries with immigration issues of work permits and visas both in Nairobi and Kisumu.
I would love to share more of the engagements I have had over a couple of weeks ago here. 

Good news is that We are happy that we are able to still meet and congregate in church on Sunday and on ministry days regardless of the floods that have left a lot of our people homeless and most of their homes still under water. Things are getting better as the rains recede and we believe that everything that had been lost God will restore.

We hosted Men’s breakfast fellowship where our main focus was on reminding men on their roles in the families, church and community. It’s was also a time of prayer for each other and to encourage one another to represent Christ with their lives. It’s encouraging to see men being led by Christ also lead their families to Christ.

Our kids from the Kids ministry have also not been left out during their kids church. We love that they are able to meet and have fun and best of all being taught about Jesus and how to pray and worship. There is a great and promising future for the community if the kids grow in knowledge of Christ; and that is what we believe and live by. Most of our kids come from very broken families and backgrounds but the church has become the point of transformation in their lives.

Thank God for our partners and IMOCE as we are able to steel feed about 126 individuals through our church feeding program. This has been a great tool for evangelism as we have been able to speak Jesus into the lives of the people that we reach and as they feed on the physical food; they also feed their spirits with knowledge and understanding of which Christ is. God bless you for standing with us.

The last two weeks I have been teaching the youth form our project year for God on the topic of Biblical perspective on finances, prosperity and trusting in God for provision. Was a good time. It is great to make these young people understand stand that it is God who provides and sustains life and in him alone can we find our true meaning and purpose in life.

I had a couple of meeting on Discipleship training. Over the e course of this time as a church we are moving on the Vision of discipleship and through this we believe that people can be influenced one soul at a time. Currently I am meeting with a couple of young leaders in church to train them on how to disciple others and through this once they are ready they can take up a few disciples each and teach them the gospel of Christ and so forth and on until the influence grows one individual after another.

I have also had meeting a with a few of our individuals from church over varying issues including restoration meetings and prayer time and marriage counseling.

We continue to preach the word of God as we continue to see immense transformation in the community through the church and our projects.
We thank all our partners who pray for us and with us and who support us through different ways. May God bless you immensely.
Our desire remains that every soul that needs to know Christ will get to do so through the work that He has enabled us to do here.