Hello dear friends! On this day, our project “Little Mom” ​​from the east of Ukraine is in a hurry to share our news with you.
One of these days, thanks to the financial support of the ІMOCE Mission and its partner, I will be able to purchase the necessary foodstuffs, thanks to which we will be able to give 3 meals a day to our mothers and their children in December. Together with mothers and children, we began to decorate the buildings of our crisis center and adaptation center for Christmas and New Year. The hall of our adaptation center, where our festive masquerade for mothers with children is always held, has already been decorated. Every year it becomes more and more beautiful.
Every year a script is written for our holiday and this year is no exception, so our rehearsals have already begun. Also this week we bought 5 cubic meters of firewood for heating our crisis center “Little Mom”
Thank you very much for your prayers, support, and financial assistance to the AMOCE Mission and its partners. We pray for all branches of the ІMOCE Mission, for all its partners, missionaries, and co-workers

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