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Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you; and lo, I am with you always, to the close of the age. ” Matthew 28: 19-20


We serve in the following countries:


For many years there have been projects in Ukraine through which we can preach the Gospel and reach people’s hearts. Several years ago, a children’s active playground “Happy Time” was created. About 20,000 people heard the good news in Ukraine just in 2019! Other projects also effectively work in Ukraine: humanitarian aid to those in need, 45 containers have already been sent to Ukraine, Feed the Hungry project – 20,000 food packages have been distributed, the Children’s Happiness project – visiting to orphanages and orphans of disabled children, social networks – work is carried out every day through INSTAGRAM with 4000 children, ZOOM – open Bible lessons, where there is a support service for difficult children.


All these children, teenagers and young people receive a Living Word! One of the important projects is the HELP one. Through the HELP project,people who suffered as a result of natural disasters are supported: floods in Western Ukraine – 50 tons of food were purchased and distributed, fires in Eastern Ukraine – 5 houses were rebuilt from ashes, 5 more houses were partially restored and assistance was provided in the frontline zone affected by hostilities.


For 12 years, missionary trips have been made to Mexico to minister to children, to help the sick, old and lonely. During this time, with God’s help, the mission was able to partially restore and built 5 churches and two orphanages from ashes. The particular attention is paid to orphans. Many children are adults by now and they were baptised by water. They are church members nowadays. A special project “Life” was developed for orphans teenagers. Teenagers are taken from a common orphanage and placed in a family-type missionary orphanage, where, under the supervision of counselors, they are prepared for life: they learn to cook, manage finances, work and grow spiritually. Our mission is supporting the orphanage monthly and the home coordinates the work.


For 5 years, active ministry will be introduced on the Equator in the slums of Dunga Beach. Every day missionaries face such dangers as deadly diseases (such as malaria, typhus, cholera), many wild animals (hippos), poisonous snakes (black and green mamba), but God is a God of miracles! Working with children is very difficult, we are dealing with crying cases – drugs, child prostitution, rape, abandoned children, hunger, disease, flooding and this is not the whole list. During the period of service, a children’s church was opened, which is attended by over 300 children. We also work with youth and adolescents. The missionaries teach kids the Bible, give them food and help their families. Grocery bags are distributed weekly; beds, mattresses and blankets have been purchased for very poor families. Seeing the great need and problems of the Kenyan people, who are mired in the occult and darkness, we decided to send 4 more missionaries.

At the moment, 5 missionaries are working in different parts of Kenya – Kusumu, Ketalle and the Turkana desert. All of them are supported by our mission. In Kenya, we are working along with SODEISTVIIE, OUR KIDS IN AFRICA and HOPE OF DESERT missions.


The mission team serves the Cuban people, organising missionary trips, helping those in need – with clothes, food, medicine and, of course, prayers and the word of God. During the trip to Cuba, 4 services are held, people are very hungry for spiritual bread! Since last year, together with local churches, a number of Happy Time children’s evangelistic sites have been held, slides, cotton candies, popcorn, many different sports equipment and, of course, a lot of sweets have been brought for children. The local church prepares biblical performances for kids, they teach memory verses from the Bible, teach Christian children’s songs. During the quarantine, grocery bags are distributed and the active work with kids is going on.


It is a country with hot climate,pouring rains, lizards, spiders and other inconveniences. The team serving in Nepal is constantly engaged with more than 200 children, teenagers and young people, teaching Bible lessons and clubs. So each of them have heard the gospel. During the team’s staying in this country, two churches were built at the expense of the IMOCE mission and donations from caring people. The ministry of missionaries is filled with a large number of different testimonies: healings, deliverances, the baptism of the Holy Spirit, and simply changes in people’s lives.