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Roofs Restoration


The leader of the Ukrainian department, Pastor-Evangelist Anatoliy Kolomiets, once again visited the affected regions of Ukraine during his missionary trip. The Kherson region has experienced a lot of hardship and suffering due to the recent Russian aggression. Destroyed houses, loss of lives, a ruined power plant, and numerous injured souls are the consequences of this Russian invasion. Who but us should extend a helping hand to those who have endured this catastrophe?

In collaboration with the Northwestern Union of Churches (NUC) in the state of Washington, the IMOCE mission has already funded the restoration of 17 roofs in the village of Knyazivka, Kherson Oblast. In this village, a church has been established, welcoming all who seek God.

We continue to assist those who have found themselves in distress. Let’s rebuild Ukraine together. Join the Roofs Restoration project in the reoccupied territory. Your donations will help people return to their homes and resume their work.

Rebuilding 1 roof costs $1,000.

There are several ways to contribute:

  1. You can financially support the project by following the link on the website or by sending a check to the provided address.
  2. If you know how to hammer nails and install roofing, we invite you to join us on a one-month trip to help restore roofs. Our brothers will accommodate you and provide delicious meals every day, while we assist with the tickets.

Get involved, and together we can achieve more.


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