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The school “Viktory”

Service in Turkana


Probably for you and me, “school” sounds completely ordinary but for the Turkana citizens — is “the dream” to have access to studies.

Living for the reason that the others could also live!

The school “Victory” has recently opened up, in the beginning of November and now the school has already numbered more than 200 students. There are four grades working, each has 50 pupils in it. The students have five lessons a day: Math, English, cost of Health, PE and their native language – Swahili.

The Turkana Desert is situated in the northern part of Kenya and occupies 77 000 square kilometers. It is the second poorest Keniya area because of the permanent droughts and famine

Bishop Benson and his wife Faith Akurio have heard the call of God in their hearts and gladly followed this commandment of serving the children by getting the knowledge and Biblical truth to them. Regarding this service and to the self-sacrificing servants, who are getting rich toward God, somewhere far there in the northern part of Kenya the parents of these students are praying and thanking the Lord for such mercy and grace, are being happy for the newly opened school and drinking water, the children today, having the spark in the eyes, are running to face his/ her beloved teachers, touching the hot sand of Turkana being completely barefoot and blessed.