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The HELP project

The HELP project is a special project when people are in trouble. In 2020 alone, Ukraine experienced three powerful shocks – an epidemic throughout the country, which served as an economic crisis. Our mission could not stay away from these troubles

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Flood in Western Ukraine

We saw terrible videos from the flood from Western Ukraine – the earth is breaking apart, a powerful stream of water demolishes everything in its path, trees, houses, breaks roads, washes away gardens, people died who did not have time to leave the poverty zone in time. The victims of the flood, together with the churches, urgently assembled a container with unsanitary aid, and also purchased and distributed 22 tons of potatoes and 23 tons of onions and bags with grocery kits.

Fire in the Luhansk region

The conflagration is ash, black smut, smoke, human sacrifices at the end of autumn, and people stood and cried, they had nowhere to go and nothing to take, the children collected the surviving pieces of iron to hand them over, and for the proceeds to buy food, but the most dreadful thing it was in the eyes – desolation.

Many did not survive this grief, fell ill with heart diseases. Then in autumn, it was decided to open a collection to build 5 houses. But God blessed your friends abundantly through you, together with you we were able to give people 7 houses and 15 partially restore them at Christmas. Work teams came from many regions of Ukraine, worked in two shifts so that people could be given housing faster, people were amazed at how quickly they were building houses and thanked God. 

Widow with 6 children

Oksana lived with her husband. In the marriage, 6 beautiful children were born, 5 girls and 1 boy, my husband wanted to raise the family on its feet, opened a small business, for this he took out a bank loan, but two years ago he was diagnosed with lung cancer. The family began to fight this ailment by taking further loans for treatment. And a year and a half ago, her husband dies. Oksana was left alone with 6 children, with huge debts, in the house without repairs and without any help.

For some time, her parents supported her a little, but her father died in a pandemic and her mother ended up in the hospital. Oksana was very depressed. That there were even thoughts of suicide. God saw her suffering and sent people to her who were invited to church. So, Oksana ended up in church and slowly her heart and soul began to thaw.

In April 2021, the team of our mission in Alexandria distributed food packages and one day God sent mission volunteers to Oksana. Our employees saw a very strong poor. By the decision of the mission, it was decided to make repairs in the most screaming room – this is the bathroom.

Yes, we know there is still a lot of work to be done, but a start has been made! We have highlighted the happy eyes of Oksana and the kids! The Bible says, “The one who gives to the poor will not be in need, but one who turns his eyes away will receive many curses.” Proverbs 28:27