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Humanitarian aid

For many years, a humanitarian department has been working in the IMOCE mission, over the years, 47 containers with things, shoes, equipment for the disabled, diapers, household items, hygiene products and much more have been collected and sent to Ukraine. Thousands of people in Ukraine were able to get help for themselves and their families

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Our goal is to help people who are in great need, those who do not have the opportunity to buy things, those who are below the edge of poverty, as well as help our brothers and sisters in Ukraine. We believe that such a department as humanitarian aid is a powerful tool for carrying out the gospel. On a quarterly basis, we try to send a container to Ukraine, for this we need a human resource: call churches, bring all things to the place of dispatch, find finances, on the day of dispatch, everything is correctly sorted, packaged, marked and loaded into a container. We are grateful to all the people who help us in this difficult matter – both the physical side and the financial side play an important role here, since the container mandrel costs about $ 5000.Thanks to all our sponsors, thanks to friends who donate their time and come to work with us.

We want to appeal to all of you who are reading these lines, perhaps you are from another city or from another state, we invite you to participate in this not easy, but blessed ministry. You can call us and find out more information. We accept any help we can get. Friends, let us not remain indifferent, but together we will fulfill the word of God!
Mikhail responsible for the humanitarian department – 206 653 5080
Washington, Seattle
Hope -206 697 5171
Lyudmila – 253 353 6660
Montana, Kalispel
Oksana – 406 260 7049
Svetlana – 406 300 8483