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Victoria Primary School 10/18/2023

Hello friends, I want to share with you the new from Victoria School, which is located in Kenya, Lodward.

There are 180 children in the school, as the school is located in the desert, water is very important. And thanks to you, a well was drilled near the school, now there is water for the school and for the locals.
As there is water, they were able to make a garden near the school and grow basic vegetables.
And this is what the classrooms look like in the desert.
The classrooms are filled with children, they are happy to learn, they realize that this is the only chance to get an education.
All families understand that school is a place where children can survive, that they get food here.
After all, almost all families eat once every two days, and at school they eat twice a day.
But children are still children, and during breaks they jump and run.
And here are some moments of how lessons are held at Victoria’s school.
We are very grateful to all of you, for your donations, for your prayers, thanks to your finances, 180 children can live and study in the desert! And they will not die of hunger!
We thank God for each of you!

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