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War in Ukraine 21.05

Congratulations friends!

Ukraine is very grateful for all of your help, for every container, we are grateful to God for you!

We continue to serve; the soldier continues and in Ukraine, martial law was extended for another 3 months. All our branches are now very active as refugees arrive again. That is why we continue to provide accommodation and feed transit refugees. All migrants continue to receive food packages and medicines

And here’s another horrible story, they brought us a woman who was left with us until the children could pick her up in a couple of days. She lived all her life in Bakhmut, her children lived in Poltava when the war started, they wanted to take her away, but she refused. The time has come when there were no medicines in pharmacies, she had diabetes, her legs were denied, rockets began to fly to the city …… and the children could already pick her up, the days for survival began for the old woman!!!! She sat in the basement a lot, caught a cold in her bladder, so she was constantly in diapers… and in three months she ate borsch for the first time with us ому. Therefore, our team has to not only feed but also change diapers, give injections and treat. We hear many stories every day, many people are left without a roof over their heads, without things, and without loved ones.

Thank you, friends, for being with us, thank God for you that you can help! You do so much for us! May God bless you and your families!!!

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