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War in Ukraine 12/12/22

Greetings friends, Ukraine is in touch, and we want to thank you for being with us. All our branches serve people by preaching Christ.

We continue to distribute products in different places in Ukraine, first of all, we want to help displaced people, people with children, and disabled people.

We gave flour for a Christian woman to a bakery, where they bake bread and distribute it to people on the front line. We also actively help our defenders, drive cars for parts on the front line.

We want to say a special thank you and a low bow for the potbelly stove for many people this is the only thing they can keep warm from!

We continue to work with children in the IMCE Happy Time children’s centers. Thank God and thank you, I collected and sent food packages to the occupied territory, to Liman.

Thank you all for being with us for so many years that even now when we are having a hard time, you are also with us!!!! We pray for all of you!

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