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Ukraine 26.01

Greetings from the east of Ukraine from the front-line Mariupol. Our centers for mothers with children “Little Mom” ​​continue to serve God and people.

Daily work in the centers is full of solutions to many issues. Only last week it was sending two children to school and solving all documentary issues, visiting a female doctor and ultrasound with treatment for one of the mothers of the center, assistance in preparing documents for two mothers, issuing the first passport for a 14-year-old girl, dental treatment, and gums for a 3-year-old baby, help with things and medicines for mothers and children, payment of all utility bills of the center. It’s all a lot of daily work!

Recently, more and more homework requires computer work. Thanks to the AMOCE Mission and its partner, children can now do their homework and study remotely. And there is an opportunity to master technology.

Our mothers are very creative personalities. Our mother, Raya, is very good at embroidering, and we are trying to sell her works through the art store to support her and her little son financially.

Also, during the week, the mothers of our center took part in a women’s meeting. The topic of discussion was the book of Ruth.

Support us in prayer for peace in Ukraine, the situation is not easy! We pray and bless all the branches of the AMOCE Mission, as well as for all partners, missionaries, employees. May the Lord bless everyone richly!!!!

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