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Ukraine 10.11

Good afternoon to all members of the group !!!! Our project “Little Mom” ​​from the east of Ukraine on this day would like to share the events of the outgoing week.

In the last warm days, the children and mothers of the crisis center decided to remove the overflowing territory of the center. It turned out to be a very friendly and well-coordinated work, even the youngest took part in the work.

On the eve of the holidays, we held a master class on making props for the holidays with the children. It turned out to be very fun and interesting. Together with Rachel Shereyko and with the financial support of the IMOCE Mission in Seattle, 4 parcels with food, medicine and hygiene products were packed. The other day, the parcels arrived in Ukraine and we were able to distribute them at the adaptation center and in the crisis center “Little Mom”.

We continue to work actively to return Yevgeny’s son to our Dobroshieva Vika, as well as a younger brother for our Lyubochka. So far, everything is not easy, the children’s affairs service and the police refuse to work actively and take responsibility, but we are not giving up. Today they sent an official letter to the service to which they are obliged to answer. We collect all the necessary documents. Next week we plan to go to Novotroitskoye, where the baby is and have a difficult meeting with the child’s father. Please pray for this situation.

We bless all areas of work of the IMOCE Mission, as well as all partners, missionaries, ministers.

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