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Ukraine 05.01

Greetings friends! Today is Saturday and Ukraine is in touch! We would like to tell you a little about what is being done in the Ukrainian missionary fields.

We continue to serve the project Feed the Hungry in the Odessa region. Now it is hard for many people, but we try to pay attention to those who really need help, in this category, there are people with disabilities. One of the brothers approached us with a request for help, they had nothing to eat at all, this brother became disabled and it is very difficult for him to find a job because he has no hands.

Friends, with your help, we continue to make repairs to a widow from Alexandria, who has 6 children left, this time we have completed repairs in one of the rooms. At the moment, repairs have been made in the bathroom, kitchen, and bedroom. That’s how everything was and how everything is beautiful now.

We thank you all for your contribution to Ukraine! Thank friends that your heart is disposed to sacrifice, together we can preach Christ and proclaim God’s love!

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