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Ukraine 03/04/23

Greetings friends, today Ukraine wants to tell what exactly the mission did during the week in the Central region.
We work in the Kirovohrad region. in our region, thousands of immigrants who found shelter in our region have moved, and therefore a large amount of work is being done.
Therefore, we continue to provide aid, namely warm things and products.
Among all the refugees, we understand that the elderly and the disabled need our help. In cooperation with the state territorial center, we were able to provide help with diapers.
They were able to visit a military hospital and provide assistance in the form of medical devices, and medicine. robes
We continue our ministry among teenagers. And that’s why we hold late training, conversations, conversations, and prayers.
We want to express a big thank you for your support, finances, and humanitarian aid, thanks to you we can serve in Ukraine, do works of faith, and help many people!!!!

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