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Рroject “Little Mom” 01.12

Hello dear! News by our project “Little Mom” ​​from the east of Ukraine.
Compulsory in the work of our crisis center and adaptation center “Little Mom” ​​is the study of the word of God because only the Word of God gives us faith and strength. The women of our project have already become regular participants in the women’s ministry of our church.
Good changes continue in the life of our Vika, it was for her that many of you prayed that their meeting with your son would take place. This weekend the baby came to our crisis center “Little. Mama”. It was a special time for the worthless mother and his sister Lyubochka. We pray for all members of the group! Thanks to the IMOCE Mission for the prayer and financial support of the “Little Mom” ministry in the east of Ukraine. God bless you!!!!

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