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Crisis center “Little Mom” 13.10

Good afternoon dear friends! Our crisis center “Little Mom” ​​continues its work in the east of Ukraine. Now our center is filled, there are 9 women and 17 children in it. Our children are of different ages, now from 1.5 to 16 years old.
The other day a new Woman with a child went as far as Khust (Western Ukraine). The woman has problems with alcohol and the child welfare service just gave her a chance. We prayed with her, we believe that God will help her if she wants it. Her daughter Bogdana is now being assigned to grade 1.
As it became cool outside, we returned to our masterclasses in the building of the center. Children are very fond of masterclasses, we in a playful way try to convey to them the essence of the Gospel. One of the last topics is: “With Jesus, you are the Champion.”
Yesterday we celebrated the birthday of one of our girls – Eve is 11 years old and she lives with us with her 2 sisters. Guests also came to the holiday, and the girls put on their most elegant dresses. It turned out to be a good fun holiday!
One of the babies of our crisis center “Little Mom” ​​needs treatment by an ophthalmologist, she has certain vision problems. We started the process of treatment and correction. This family still has a question ahead with the youngest child, who is not yet with us. This family experienced severe domestic violence from the girl’s stepfather and now he is holding her younger brother.
The kid is 3 years old, and we still cannot take him to our family at the crisis center. Today I have been solving issues with the services for children and the police all day, the process is not quick. We ask you to pray that the baby named Eugene will be with his own and his sister. In this matter, you need real help from the Lord. I believe that God will be glorified once again! Due to the beatings of her stepfather, the girl now has vision problems, and we started treatment.
We also ask you to support us in prayer for transport for the work of our “Little Mom” ​​project, our Citroen is already many years old, and it is constantly crumbling, we cannot take mothers and children either to church or to the hospital. This is a serious problem for us, we believe in God’s miracle!
We also support in prayer all the ministries of the IMOCE Mission, bless all workers in the Field of God, all partners.

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