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Crisis center “Little Mom” 12.01

Greetings to all members of the group from the east of Ukraine, or rather from the front-line Mariupol and the project for women with children “Little Mom”. This week has been eventful. The most striking event was certainly the participation of the children of the center in the Christmas holiday. Six children were for the first time at such a holiday in the church. Everyone has a lot of impressions. Thanks to the monthly financial support of the IMOCE Mission and its sponsor, we purchased food for our crisis center “Little Mom” ​​for January, this will provide an opportunity to provide 3 meals a day for women and children who live in our center.

Within a week we again received a woman with two children. Sometimes I wonder how small the world is. A woman with children from my village entered our crisis center “Little Mom”, moreover, our children go to the same school. On the eve of the holidays, the husband died, he provided for the family, they, migrants from Donetsk, were left without housing and livelihoods. On the phone of the service for children’s affairs, we urgently took them away, and only on the spot did it turn out that we knew this family … Here is such a story! Now we are resolving the issue of sending her daughter and son to school.

Thanks to the financial assistance of the IMOCE Mission and its partner, a new laptop was purchased during the crisis center so that children could study during distance learning, there are now 7 schoolchildren in our crisis center and a computer is very necessary for doing homework and lessons. Thank you very much!!!! And in general, all the good changes that we have lately have been thanks to the IMOCE Mission and its sponsors. Thank God and thank you, people!

We are starting to equip a special playroom for children, now we have 20 children in the crisis center and they need a place to play. Of course, much has not yet been done in it, but the process has begun and we believe that God will help us in this!

We also ask you to support us in prayer for a new minibus for our Little Mom project. It is necessary to be able to take mothers and children to church and hospital, to resolve various issues in social institutions, to deliver food, medicine, clothes, and shoes to the center, since the center is located outside the city, there is a great need for this.

We pray for all of you dear friends!!!! We bless all the work of the IMOCE Mission, We pray for all its partners, missionaries, co-workers in the field of God.

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