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Crisis center “Little Mom” 10/26/22

Our crisis center “Little Mom” ​​continues its work, although now we are not in Mariupol but in Germany.
I do not see that we had to change our place of residence, we do not change the principles of our work.
Every day at 07:00 in the morning we gather together for prayer. During this time, we have seen many answers to our petitions!!!!
On Tuesdays, we gather in the city church together with the Germans and have 1 hour of joint prayer for Ukraine. Such an invitation can be found on the windows of shops in our city.
We ask you to join us in prayer for Evgeny Isaev, the father of three children, who is in our center. In my memory, for 11 years of the center’s work, this is the third father in a row who wants to save his family. Now he is going through a difficult path – chemotherapy with further surgery and does not always feel well.
We celebrated the birthday of our Eva for a week! She is a very kind, God-loving girl. She turned 12 years old.

Several women from our center went to an integration school to learn German. For many, this is not an easy process.
We continue to pray and support the ministry of our pastor Alexander Matyushin in Ukraine. Now he is a battalion commander of the Mariupol battalion and on a daily basis, he provides assistance to both the civilian population and the Ukrainian military.
We also constantly pray for our brothers who defended Mariupol and miraculously survived. They have very strong testimonies; both were ministers in our centers.
This brother was exchanged, he was in Azovstal, they prayed for him for 4 months, every day they didn’t even know if he was alive … But God saved him!!!! He was a minister in our center for more than 10 years. He is now in rehab and has an upcoming operation. Please join us in prayer for his healing and restoration.
We pray for each of you, we pray for the work of the team, which has now gone to serve in Kenya!

by Irina Matyushina

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