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Crisis center “Little Mom” 03.11

The Little Mom project from the front-line Mariupol welcomes everyone to the group. Our Little Mom project consists of a crisis center and an adaptation center for mothers with children who find themselves in difficult life situations.

Today we have 9 mothers and 17 children, one of the mothers is pregnant and we are expecting the 18th baby in 3 months. One of the little ones from the crisis center due to the beating of her stepfather now has vision problems. The girl was very worried about how to wear glasses. The baby has a lot of complexes (her stepfather even cut her hair baldly), so the issue of choosing glasses was approached very responsibly. Thank God she liked it. And now she wears them with great pleasure. We pray for the restoration of her sight.

We continue to resolve issues with the return of the youngest son for our Mother Vika, fleeing from the aggressor’s husband, she was able to take only her daughter Lyuba with her, and her 3-year-old son Eugene remained in the house of her ex-husband. Last week we visited the head of the children’s affairs service, the process is long and not easy. Support in prayer that mom and baby are together.

A new washing machine has appeared in our adaptation center, now it is much easier to solve problems with washing. Our adaptation center is home to the graduates of the “Little Mom” crisis center with children, as well as internally displaced persons and disabled people.

Our masterclasses on making dumplings are again very relevant due to the cold snap. It’s nice that not only mothers like them, but also children take an active part. We pay great attention to the spiritual part in the work of the centers since we are sure that a person cannot change if the Lord does not touch him and new values ​​appear, therefore we have daily services.

Throughout the crisis center  “Little Mom” ​​sends a huge hello and pray for all partners, missionaries, and ministers of the Imoce Mission. Separate prayer for the Imoce Mission team, which is working in Kenya these days, may the Lord protect you on this trip.

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