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Crisis center “Little Mom” 29.06

Hello everyone. The crisis center “Little Mama” has been living in Germany for 3.5 months. This country gave us shelter, mothers and children feel safe here, now we are 24 people living together. It is very difficult to learn a new language, so we do not have new acquaintances, and we cannot decide which church we will go to.

Younger and older children go to school, it is very unusual for them to study in June and July.

Last Friday we were visited in Germany by the pastor of our Mariupol church “Good Changes” G. MOKHNENKO. We had a good time praying together and he encouraged us.

They sent me a photo today. This is all that remains of our adaptation center, this building has served God and people since 2004. Thousands of people and many changed destinies, both adults and children, have passed through it. In winter, a heating point also worked in the building. The building was destroyed by Russian missiles that came from the sea, as the building is only 1.5 km from the Sea of ​​Azov. It is impossible to look at it without tears; For 17 years, my husband and I built and developed this work and this building.

Also. We pray for the pastor of our centers – Matyushin Alexander and all the brothers, now in Zaporizhya he is doing volunteer service. Every day they are on the front line and deliver everything necessary, both for the military and for civilians.


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