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Crisis center “Little Mom” 24.08

Good afternoon, dear members of the IMOCE Mission group. Our Mariupol project continues to serve God and the people.

Here in Germany, we organized a prayer service on Tuesdays in one of the small churches. Refugees from Ukraine, as well as Germans, can come to it. Hear the Word of God and pray to our Lord. This time we made it on the street right next to the church.

This year, because of the war, our children have not yet had a summer recovery in the galleries. An alternative was a Christian children’s day camp for refugees, which is held in the forest. Thanks to the financial support of the IMOCE Mission, we can fill up the car with gasoline and bring the younger children to this camp. There they have games, a Bible lesson, and fellowship with other children.

Even while we live in Germany, we do not forget that we are Ukrainians. We also celebrated the day of the State Flag of Ukraine.

We ask you to support in prayer our pastor – Alexander Matyushin in his ministry as a volunteer chaplain. He travels daily to places where fighting is taking place and brings everything necessary for civilians and for the Ukrainian military. People there live without electricity, water, and without shops, many live permanently in basements. A lot of children.

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