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15.03 War in Ukraine

We again have a large flow of people, every day people come to us for hot dinners, lodging, and rest. Each of them has his own fate and his own pain – someone spent a week in the basement, someone in the cellar, someone ran away from shells and explosions. Our task is to show love, cleanse ourselves in Christ, and bless people. Both believers and non-believers come to us.

This morning, a bus was sent to the city of Tоretsk, Donetsk region, this city is in the radius of hostilities, but people begged for evacuation. Thank God!!!!! He blessed so much that our volunteers were able to pick up people and return unharmed! Thanks to God and to you, we were able to load a full bus with things and food and give it to the local church in Toretsk, to those who remained.

We continue to serve the refugees in the city who remained to live, this time we delivered diapers and hygiene products for mothers and children. Now we are planning to deliver people to Lviv with God’s help!

Thank God!!!! Huge thanks to each of you. ! We are very grateful to all of you for the passenger bus that we bought to Berdychiv, now more people can be evacuated to Lviv

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