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11.03 War in Ukraine

Greetings friends, we continue to carry the gospel in Ukraine, where there is a war… To be honest, sometimes it is so hard mentally to hear how many were killed, to see tears and pain.

We cried with the whole team when we received news from Mariupol that the paybacks were shot at the maternity hospital, in which there were women in labor, that they blew up the houses where people lived and as a result, the children died.

This is the message I received today: In Mariupol, the Russian military captured two brothers – Mikhail Reznikov, pastor of the local church, and brother Andrei Fomenko. Mikhail Reznikov will not be able to survive without systematic medical support. Five more brothers were killed in the bombs. We pray that God will save the captives, comfort the families of the dead, and save the lives of others.

But in all this pain, the main thing is not to harden the heart and continue to serve. Therefore, we continue to serve: we send buses with evacuation to Lviv, and we evacuate from Kharkiv. We see how relatives see off their wives and children with tears, and they do not know what they see from ever. But you need to save! That is why we bought another bus to Berdichev, friends, we are grateful to you, a low bow that we have to pick up even more people!

We will wait to receive people, today we accepted, sang, and fed almost 150 people. People from Severodonetsk arrived, what they say does not lend itself to common sense. We bought again 200 loaves of bread to the East of Ukraine and sent them with the brothers. We are very grateful to each of you that you are with us, that you help, that you do not leave, you do a lot for us!

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