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09.04 War in Ukraine

Congratulations friends, today is the 45th day of the war. Our mission continues to serve, we continue to do what the Lord tells us to do, namely to save the dead.

With God’s help, we were able to take elderly people from the Donetsk region of Siversk to Rivne.

The road was very difficult, the old people were just shouting, so they could not stand it, the road took two days, Siversk. – Alexandria, Alexandria – Exactly. Lying people were taken out in a cargo place.

We continue to evacuate people, brothers take people to the Dnieper or to Alexandria, and we pick them up and take them to Chernivtsi and Ternopil.

We continue to receive people at night every day, in cooperation with other churches we have the opportunity to resettle more than 300 people every day, during the 45 wars more than 4,000 people passed through our team.

The humanitarian cargo was sent to Kharkiv. In many regions of Ukraine, our teams distribute food packages to refugees, and in many of them, there is no food or clothing.

The war continues and unfortunately brings with it many deaths. We cry every day, today is the last day of the green corridor from the east, but unfortunately, the enemy has already hit the railway station in Kramatorsk. The most horrible photo of a child with his head torn off. This is horror, we need your prayers.

Hundreds of people pass through us every day, sometimes we sleep for 2-3 hours, so we all need to be accepted and fed.

Thank you, friends, for being with us, thank you for your prayers, I want to say that thanks to your finances, we can evacuate people, each evacuation from east to west costs about $ 500, we can take 20 people out, life and rescue costs $ 500.

We want to share the video, this is a family that managed to get out of occupied Mariupol, it is now in Alexandria, they are being treated, because the weeks spent in the basement responded to health.

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