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05.04 War in Ukraine

We continue to serve the people! We have already made 11 flights to the border by three buses, transporting people and carrying humanitarian aid back. We deliver aid to people (food kits, diapers, baby food) in cities and villages. We also passed food to our soldiers on the front line! We passed aid to the maternity hospital, hospital, and nursing home.

Assistance was delivered to the region and to Ovruch and Malyn, where the occupiers bombed these cities. The food was handed over to the Messianic community of “Yahad “(Good Lunch), which feeds 350 people every day.
We thank everyone who supports us financially and helps with humanitarian aid. Thank the Lord that we can be an instrument in His hands. We also help the mayor with humanitarian goods

Stories of Elena’s wife and her children, they spent more than three weeks in Chernihiv in the basement, a military man, they experienced great pain.

Messianic community “Yahad” .. we help food for a charity canteen for 350 people!

Many people are scared and leave the country.

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