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Ukraine 17.11

The “Little Mom” ​​project from the east of Ukraine welcomes every member of the group. Our centers continue their service to God and people.

At the moment, there are 10 mothers and 17 babies in our centers, we are waiting for the 18th baby in 1.5 months. Due to the coronavirus quarantine, our children are still on distance learning. We now have 14 schoolchildren, and there was only one computer. This week, another one appeared, of course, this is not enough, but better than one. Now it will be a little easier for children to do lessons and send assignments … This week, thanks to the IMOCE Mission and its partners, food was purchased. Thank you, friends, thanks to this help we will be able to give three meals a day to our mothers and children.

We ask one of the mothers to pray for the upcoming judgment. To help the child reunite with his mother. Today, by e-mail, I received a response from the Children’s Service of the Olginskaya rural military-civil administration of the Volnovakha region regarding our request for a minor child who lives with the aggressor’s father. The mother of this child, together with the eldest girl, ran away from the aggressor’s husband at 4 am and was able to take only the eldest daughter.

The girl has many scars on her body, after being beaten by her stepfather, she has vision problems (now we are treating her with an ophthalmologist), her stepfather beat the girl and her mother. Saving the eldest daughter, she simply could not take the younger one, since the baby was asleep and would cry when he slept. A terrible choice, of course, God forbid someone to survive it. So the service in 1 week was able to check the living conditions, make a medical examination (according to them) and even on that day send me an answer!!!! Complete nonsense in which I certainly do not believe, in a remote village in a week it is simply impossible.

The text of the letter is very dry and without any confirmation of the work done. In general, the battle for the child continues. This is how the rights of children are protected in our country, unfortunately. At the beginning of next week, we are planning to go to the place where the youngest child of our mother is now, the trip will be very difficult with a call to the police and a visit to the child welfare service. We ask for your prayer support. We bless all areas of work of the IMOCE Mission, as well as all partners, missionaries, and workers. Blessings to you from the Lord.

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