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Ukraine 11/12/2023

Welcome, friends! Ukraine 🇺🇦 on the line. We’d like to share a bit about the mission work of IMOCE in Ukraine.

All our branches are focused on helping those in need and spreading the Gospel, as we demonstrate our faith through our actions.

In each mission branch, there is work with refugees and internally displaced persons. Refugees are those who have nowhere to return (due to a destroyed home or occupation), while internally displaced persons are those who have moved far away from the front line. All distributions take place at the IMOCE volunteer center based in churches so that people can receive both assistance and hear the word of God.

A lot of attention is given to targeted delivery, especially for disabled individuals and elderly singles who cannot independently come to receive assistance. Our missionaries make deliveries to their addresses.

Almost every day, we send parcels to the front. Our defenders need a lot right now, and it’s very challenging for them…

Thank you, friends, for your incredible care! Thank you for your hearts and sincerity! May God bless each one of you!

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