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Little Mom 08/16/2023

It’s vacation time in Germany, so the children from the Little Mom crisis center and I have time off from school.
At the Sunday service in the church we had water baptism and the service took place in the central park of our city.
Our children continue to play sports and all have some success and find new friends.
Every Tuesday we continue to have our prayer meetings where our German friends come. We also have prayer every day at 07:00 am.
Two teenagers with the youth of the church spent several days in the mountains. Now we are gathering our children for a children’s camp, two of our teenagers will be assistant teachers there, and one of the mothers will help to prepare food for the whole camp in the kitchen.
On Thursdays we have a scripture study together.
We pray for the entire IMOCE Mission and bless your work in the field of God.

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