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Mexico 10/31/22

Greetings to all from Guaymas Mexico! We kicked off this week with the Non Forgotten Project. Antonio is a middle aged male that lives alone and has multiple disabilities. When we payed him a visit we woud bring basic necessities but he was more grateful that he is Non Forgotten and the time spent with us in fellowship. Tho he has many physical needs he expressed that he is in more spiritual need. Our visits mean alot to him and make him feel not alone in this world. This week, we spend more time with the new people on our visitation roster. We visited Fransica, and Alvaro. One of them even said, “I would have never thought that foreigners would be visiting me.” This project has brought blessings to many.

This week we also visited 2 male and 2 female rehab centers.

During rehab visitations, our main focus is to portray the love and the forgiveness of Christ and also share the gospel message. Whenever we come to these centers we always bring some sort of food and refreshments for the people. This week we were able to bring donations(shoes and clothing) to the rehab center that suffered greatly from the flood back in August.

This week’s kids ministry was a continuation and preparation for the No to Halloween Project. Preparations include, program for the kids, food, and transportation for the kids. Per usual dinner was provided for the children.

May God bless you all in you work this week. We are greatfull for all the prayers and support.

by Abby Pavlenko

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