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Mexico 10/10/22

Greetings from Guaymas Mexico,

We had yet another productive and blessed week. We started the week off working with the kids ministry where our team was in charge of preparing dinner after the lesson that was held. We prepared plov and we had some fruits ready for desert. Such dinners are important for these kids because for some of them, this would be there only meal of the day.

For one of these evenings, we held a service on the mountain overlooking the city, where the kids, along with the leaders prayed blessing and proclaimed the blood of Jesus Christ over the area.

This week we also visited 2 womans rehab centers. For the first rehab center we arrived with pizza for the girls and their leaders and while we were there we were able to meet all the girls and share our tesimonies with them. We also were able to bless them with a bag of donations(clothes, shoes, hygiene products). We ended our visitaion with a prayer for the center.

For the second rehab facility, we brought donuts and coffee. We spend time in fellowship, getting to know the girls one on one. Our main focus was to introduce the whole team and build closer/perosnal relationships with them. We were also able to bless this center with donations(clothes, shoes, hygiene products.) In conclusion of this visit, we also prayed with the women and blessed them.

Finally, with the not forgotten project, we visited 5 homes. These homes included; people with dissabilites such as blindness, schichophreinia, and disabilities that come from old age.

May God bless you all for your support and prayers.

by Abby Pavlenko

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