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Mexico 08.08

Hello everyone, blessings to all this Sunday. We would like to share some updates about the mission in Mexico.  IMOCE has been supporting a local rehab center in Guaymas, Sonora. Within the last year, IMOCE was able to buy materials to make beds for the center and also fix some problems with water and buy a water tank. Recently IMOCE purchased 4 tables and 18 chairs for the rehab center. Every time we visited the rehab center previously the interns always sat on the floor but now thanks to IMOCE they have at least some chairs and tables. As of April 2022, we have been visiting disabled and elderly people twice a week. Most of them are alone and don’t have family who takes care of them. During these visits, we bring care packages with food, medicine, and personal care items.

But our main goal with these visits is to share God’s word with them, pray with them, and encourage them. Over time they open up more and more and we are able to talk to them more about God and read the bible with them. We try to connect them with the local pastors so they have the ability to go to church if they can.

Although this week we didn’t do Happy Time the team is still getting together Tuesday and Thursday at 7am to pray for the program so God continues His work and for the team. This also motivates the youth to seek God and grow in Him.

We are grateful to God and those who pray for and support the work in Mexico. Through this, we are able to preach the gospel and help those who are in need.

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