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Mexico 09/05/22

Greetings to all missionaries and supporters from Guaymas Mexico. We bring our sincere apologies for not keeping you in the loop of the ongoing progress the previous week. Sunday morning we received our group that came from Washington who came to serve the local community for a week

Our misión was to reach as many people in the community as possible within our timeframe. We assembled 3 teams.

The first team’s focus was ministering at women’s and men’s centers. We were able to visit 8 centers in total. We witnessed the holy spirit moving amongst these men and women. We saw people repent, be freed and be restored. We gifted new testaments to all who had a need for one.

One of the days we had the great opportunity to partake in prison ministry in the prison of Guaymas. There were around 200 prisoners gathered to hear the góspel. We saw genuine hunger and need for the word of God in these prisoners. During the altar call more than 150 people rushed forward to accept Jesus and receive prayer.

Also we were able to give them new testament and we were able to see the desire in them to have the word of God

The second team focused on visiting the elderly, sick and dissabled. We assembled care packages with the basic necessities to give out while visiting. We were able to encourage and support all who we visited with the word of God and address their needs.

The third teams focus on assisting the local church in helping the community recover from the recent flooding. They helped clean and rebuild the damages that were caused by the ongoing flooding. The people they helped were elderly or únable to perform these tasks on their own. While helping they were able to share the góspel and display Gods love.

Every evening the groups would reunite to go and evangelize to different neighborhoods of Guaymas. We would walk door to door inviting people for the service and provide them with copies of the new testament.

Our team worked with local pastors  of different regions to organize outdoor street evangelism services in which we partook in worship, sermons, testimonies, drama and prayer. We were witnesses of how God worked through these evangelism services. People repented, possessed were freed, hopeless received hope and many lives were touched.

Throughout this week we witnessed the marvelous work of the holy spirit both in the locals and the missionary team. And despite all the hardships, lack of sleep, extreme heat and exhaustion, the seed of the word was planted in many hearts.

We thank all who supported us in prayer and financially.

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