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Mexico 26.09

We continue to serve, carry Happy Time in Mexico, visited the town of Ortiz, in this town our mission is an orphanage for boys and now we decided to make Happy Time for all the children, but it was not without adventure.
The town of Ortiz is located in a mountainous province and there the weather can change quickly, exactly 5 minutes ago the sun was shining and it was + 40 when suddenly the wind blew and a hurricane began.
Thanks to the whole team who managed to catch the slides, after the hurricane a downpour began, a mountain downpour is dangerous because it can demolish everything in its path. The team quickly removed the entire staff and we all went to go to the church to do the final part there, but a little before reaching the destination the bus appeared to be out of order and we were all dirty and wet and went on.
But it was all worth it, many children and adults had already gathered in the church, when I was walking, I thought who would come, everyone would go home, but the church was full of people.
We had a great service !!!!!! A lot of words, a lot of prayers, help for the poor, sweets for children, but most importantly, we gave love !!! Thank God for this day, we were an instrument in His hands!
P.S. If you have read to the end, I want to add that the adventure did not end there. The bus was done a little and we were able to get to the base, which is about 1.5 hours away, the bus was very hot, there was no air conditioning and water, but we did not despair. As it started raining, scorpions crawled out of the burrows and a surprise awaited us in the toilet, we had to find the bravest one who got rid of him, and finally, for some reason, we lost water and many could not take a shower, and the toilets did not work.
Friends, but it’s all worth it to see how people’s hearts change !!!! Thank God for this day! I thank God for the team that lent their shoulders to each other! Thank you all for your support !!!

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