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Kitale 30.09

Hello dear brothers and sisters from Kenya, Kitale. Blessings and joy to you this day. New week new opportunities, God bless us every day.
I want to share last week’s news with you. Let’s start with Embrace, where a lot of work is being done on these children to change their lives.
I try to spend more interesting activities with them, needlework and games. Also, a baby feeding project where we can also have fun and interesting time with the kids. We spent the evening of glorification.
The children recited verses from the Bible and prayed. During the Sunday service, the second service for children is held in parallel, this is the Sunday school where our youth conducts Bible lessons for children. At the end of the first trimester of school, we made a small celebration for the children. Diligent students were also rewarded with small gifts, and of course, all the children were fed a delicious dinner. It is nice to see the smiles of our children. And finally, medical service is also very important, where people can get medical care. Thank God and you for your support and your prayers. For the work, you do in God’s field.
God bless you with abundant blessings. And have a nice day

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